~ This feeling has come to Embrace me ~

cloud Pegsus Angel
There are many Inspired Insights I have encountered within this amazing journey these many moments I have been here.

They have been expressed in poems from 1981-Present.

They were written with the joy and intention of motivating others and myself to look within. That is where everything you desire exists.

Allowing the spiritual being within to connect with the human side of our present moment.

Knowing we all go through the trials and tribulations of life. That is what we are here to do. There is a purpose (mission) for each one of us.

That is the quest we seek. Allow yourself to own that purpose (mission). It is there within your grasp, to nurture, love and show to others.

(to re-read them now is very interesting, & understood even more now then when written.) This one was written around 1984.


This feeling has come to embrace me.

I can’t quite catch its sense.

Slowly this quiet intensity seethes

through my skin.

Continues to absorb deeper.

I don’t know to laugh or cry.

The immense stream of

Something I’ve never felt before

Overwhelms me with inner sanctity.

This miraculous essence knows

what is happening,

I’m inhaling the unknowing of its meaning.

The trusting overcomes my senses.

I’m being with the unknown

and wanting to become one

with its infinite strength.

This, I want to hold on to

with such gentleness.

You have touched me so deeply.

It is all so beautifully new.

The moments so precious.

Befriend this most delicate


I welcome its divine awareness.

Embracing its essence.

A tremendous gift,

has unfolded itself to me.

I cherish it so.


~ Vibrations of Life ~

butterfly and earth in lotus flower
Vibrations of life,

so intuned.

Each sound connects to the essence

of where you are.

When they become so clear you know you are one.

The universe communicates

every moment in complete


For change is balance.

Harmony is acceptance of that.

Like the seasons

accept the beauty

of the unknowing and

be at Peace.