The Earths Colors!

May 9, 2014

Rainbow trees

The earths colors will energize even more vibrantly now as we feel all our bodies align. Finally the physical can see this in everything we are. The earth is singing with joy as well. When we are meeting in the Unified Field it becomes more vibrant. The more we are in our heart -mind connection the more the colors of light will become rainbow. It is all so full and expresses such magnificence.

The bridge is open and we are walking and moving through this beautiful rainbow wave. I personally love to float and soar and relax in its awe-inspiring illuminous grace..Wow! So Grateful to remembering we have always been and always will be whole, compassionate and honoring of all we are. As we connect with the colors of our souls, we are linking in to the wholeness of that vibration, which then Gaia responds to in nature.

Such a perfect system.  An order of things naturally unfolding in the flow of oneness. We are all mothers and fathers of new Earth. So interesting that our goddess is very present now and what better way to celebrate Mothers Day!!!!! We are the co-creators, creators and sparks of LOVE everywhere present!!!!! Lets play in this most precious Moment!!!

Hope all had a Happy Mothers day!


Love, Light, & Laughter, Michelle

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