Creation Is Enlightenment!

Written May 7th, 2014

Lavender & sky

Creation is Enlightenment. It speaks its language through all different mediums. Be it writing, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, designing, anything that communicates your Creative Heart. Creation is Enlightenment!

🌟 💗🌟

Enlightenment is what shows up when Love in Action is present. Many are also speaking/writing about this.
As I read other peeps share what they are feeling, this seems to come up. That and the “unknown”.
Our language is shifting into a deeper resonance of what each word is vibrating. Do you find that words are not as easily available when trying to express your experiences? This is so apparent on all levels of our growing and expanding. Creation is key to all we are moving through. While every moment brings so much new and in that newness are atoms ready to play in this pristine energy. Atoms and love in action are always moving in creation. This is where we spark, which is illuminated in the form of not seeing so much as in feeling it. The atoms are dancing with excitement for something new and fresh and fully conscious. It tickles their centers as well. We are all just One. When we are excited that means every atom in your being is as well. That runs deep and as we move deeper we can really understand Creation is every moment, filled with sparks, songs, and vibration that ring true to our heart. It is in the silence where we feel it, we connect to it.

A new canvas to begin another creation as we start seeing through the joy of this knowing, that really brings this canvas alive. So dance or whatever floats your heart to be and join us in the Unified Field. We are deeply moving together. Create & spark your brilliant light. We will feel your song!

a Dove

Love, light & Laughter,

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