Compassion & Justice!


Compassion & Justice!!!

These are the most important components in the connection of Love in action highest outcome..
There are moments when Justice and Compassion collide and find themselves in a challenge.
This is a blessing as well. It allows to move deeper within to create balance. This is what is desired and asked for by our souls. We are now in the present moment so all that is not in sync with that, will effect us in many different ways!!
Mostly the Emotional body will want to chime in. The Mental body wants to control all other bodies and the Soul is trying to bring all bodies back in alignment which is where the Physical body feels the dis-ease of that challenge. How perfect it all is. We are so huge in our light that we have to bust the old seams and start new! As we own who we are the more and more we will be going deeper and deeper within, which brings all of who we are to the surface. A very amazing moment to moment expression. All raw and innocent and pure and beautiful and soooo illuminated. Our Essence shows itself with pure bliss. The heart is open, vulnerable, and willing to show all it is to all there is!
Takes your breath away for a moment!
Now the Heart ~ Mind = Third Eye connection is fully awakened. This is where Compassion & Justice call home!
Welcome Home!
This is the process of honoring, living, being, love in action highest outcome every moment!
This is all LOVE is!
Be vigilant with the knowledge that this process may include many emotions to show up, hence the “emotional body loves to chime in.” LOL!šŸ’“ This is all part of the whole.
So compassion is very present for that to balance.
Just allow it to flow and move through at your own pace.
I share this from my own experience, yours may show up different. Yet it will be the emotional body trying to find its song to sing to sync in and align with the other bodies we carry within. Once aligned again, Justice can step in and connect the link to full awareness and balance.
Which brings the full melody of your song in Harmony with your heart!!!!


Love, Light, Laughter, Michelle

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