What are we Feeling?

butterfly and earth in lotus flower
What are we feeling?
This moment is a rare and tremendous opportunity for whatever
you would love to create next! As of March 21, 2014 we have entered into the New Earth Energy, a new beginning. You have a choice (always) to go within and feel this amazing co-creation happening in the unified field of love in action highest outcome. You move with this beautiful wave or not.. this wave will bring up things that may need to be looked at or it will persist…If going within is what stops you, ask yourself what is showing up for you.
These next few moments are extraordinary and never experienced before except in our soul. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see what that looks like, feels like….going inside will show you all you desire. If you look outside yourself it will not reveal the truth of all that is.. You may even feel the compassion for so many yet it can not transmute to love in action by wishing it.
It is a true real feeling and every atom is invested to be love in action always, that is their mission. We all have the honor of co-creating how that will show itself. Balance is what these next few moment energies are sharing with us. Preparing us before April 15th/Lunar Eclipse. The choice is always yours. It can be just another day or the most fantastical experience ever. It will be felt by all, even if they are not awakened to the magnificence of it yet. Everyone knows something is happening. What are you feeling these moments?


Sparks flying,
Water overflowing,
Bridges open,
Images of what goes on within.
The blissful feeling
of life actually working.
The process is overwhelming
So rewarding~~~~~~~~
So scary~~~~~~~~
So right!
Connections meshing
and becoming one.



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