~ I Had a Dream Last Night ~

There are many Inspired Insights I have encountered within this amazing journey these many moments I have been here.
They have been expressed in poems from 1981-Present.
They were written with the joy and intention of motivating others and myself to look within. That is where everything you desire exists. Allowing the spiritual being within to connect with the human side of our present moment.
Knowing we all go through the trials and tribulations of life. That is what we are here to do. There is a purpose (mission) for each one of us. That is the quest we seek. Allow yourself to own that purpose (mission). It is there within your grasp, nurture, love and show to others.
This one was written around 1989.


I had a dream last night
and all seems so interrupted.
What is the message this time.
Always seeking, learning.
I want to do what I’m
meant to do……… Now.
I believe I’ve given
my heart with love
and truth to all I touch.
That is what I am meant to do always
That is who I am.
I desire the mirror of that
continually, consistently,
Passionately, from the core of
another soul wanting the same.
My energy has opened its shields
for what I’m suppose to experience
moment to moment.
Allow me the privilege
of what I’m deserved of enjoying.
Freedom to have all I want,
without the barriers.
My faith of life
is extremely whole.
The doubt has dissipated
and will continue to stay outside
the energy I allow to touch me.
Give me all which I give.
Forever my light shall gleam
bright upon all that has touched me,
All that I have touched,
All that will be touched
And all that will be received
And most of all
What I give to myself.


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