Flow & Dance…..Sparks of Joyfilled Light!

The knowing has caught up with the physical.
Now we are integrating it into every atom of our being.
This is not new.
What is new is the way we are experiencing this.
We have created the vibration that matches the
“True Colors” of what we already are!
We have allowed every body (emotional, mental, spiritual, physical & etheric) to finally connect within.
Now we are becoming homeostasis (Home) in a vibration that is in sync. We are aligning in every way with what is all there is. The wind, the birds, the trees, the clouds, our hearts all
are remembering the beauty of everything we are.
We are the essence of what Love in action, highest outcome every moment is. Not just words but truth so deep it brings tears of Joy to the surface…We are the beauty we have been seeking and we are the illumination we have always seen in front of us, we are the beacon to that which connects to Gaia. Know we are home! All elements, we are. When we deplete ourselves we are doing the same to all..70% water is what we all are!!! Now our light is Solar Crystal prisms of all colors connecting, intermingling to the vibration of each atoms song….We are in this beautiful flow & dance that brings sparks of joyfilled light. This light dances in freedom and fluid motion…Creating our own signature of joy!!! This is our piece of the amazing puzzle link of LOVE. It truly is as simple as the joy of a sunrise, the leafs turning colors. The river of life flows. No matter where it is going it is always created by our Hearts.


Chimes tingle in the wind.
The mind goes into questioning mode.
Nature cries out its voice to me:
Heal me
Join me
As one we will free
the path of what is to be.
Believe, be true,
Your soul will show
the way without fear.
Peace of mind will unfold
and exude through your veins
like liquid gold.
Giving an aura filled with
love, hope, and contentment
To all that touch you


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