~ The Aura of Light ~

There are many Inspired Insights I have encountered within this amazing journey these many moments I have been here.

They have been expressed in poems from 1981-Present.

They were written with the joy and intention of motivating others and myself to look within. That is where everything you desire exists. Allowing the spiritual being within to connect with the human side of our present moment.

Knowing we all go through the trials and tribulations of life. That is what we are here to do. There is a purpose (mission) for each one of us. That is the quest we seek. Allow yourself to own that purpose (mission). It is there within your grasp, nurture, love and show to others.

This one was written around 1985

The Aura of Light

dolphin in bliss

The scene is a blur,

Outlined in an aura of light.

Come closer

The force is strong,

The blindness of within begins to move.

The silhouette surrounds you,

Encased in the dream.

Sizzling sensation of the unknown.

Vibrations of the light

begin to speak.

Unraveling the splendor,

Revealing the truth.

The need is begging to go on.

Vivid in its imagery.

The aura works through my veins,

Giving ecstasy through its touch.

A figure appears,

Outside the blur,

Coming closer.

My veins unfold into

rays of light, yearning for the vision to fuse.

Sparks ignite, eyes meet,

Souls touch.

We become the fusion of

the ecstasy in the dream.

And truth has unveiled

the aura of light.

~~~~~~~~Rainbow bliss~~~~~~~~



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