~ Discernment Process For the Awakening Events of 2014 ~

We are connected to Love-In-Action and Highest Outcome.

Every Moment.


So much is happening within us and around us, it is important to “Check-In” and Listen to our hearts. This came to me the other day and it brought calm to every atom of my being. To have an understanding to what is transpiring and a way to connect with ease, is what this helps with. I discovered the order below was the easiest and most organic way to connect with my soul. I hope it helps you as well!

Enjoy Connecting to Each One:

Vigilant – Observant
Honor – Integrity
Allow – Accept
Surrender – Let Go
Balance – Centeredness
Ground – Stand firm in your own Light
Relationship with self – Connect with your Soul
Unity/Integration – Oneness

Now the key is to really move through each one until it becomes a part of your every moment!

Love & Light, & Laughter



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